you’re irreplaceable, a collectible, just like fine china.

Anonymous: what happened to you and syndette?

hu da fuq is dat

Anonymous: kill yo self hoe.

anon’s first c:

Anonymous: natalie's way prettier than you.

she actually is, haha

Anonymous: oh shut the fuck up, he didn't even cheat on you.

bro, i wasn’t even talking, let alone thinking about him while reblogging that. I’ve lost trust in so many people (and possibly even you), so don’t be judgmental and temperamental, you fucking stuck-up, narcissistic bitch.

have a nice day xx

Anonymous: no one likes a sarcastic bitch.

no one likes grey faces


Anonymous: you're such a fucking bitch.



happy new year everyone! may 2013 treat you well c:

ive lost followers all because i was at schoolies :( #sadlyf

Anonymous: yeah? who is it then

WELL, first of all.. “you’ll just end up getting back together like you have every other time.” - that is a complete give away.

Anonymous: why the fuck would you break up if you still love each other. you'll just end up getting back together like you have every other time.

cute. i know hu dis iz.

Anonymous: "If you love someone let them go...if they come back to you it's meant to be!" I've a feeling you both will end up together. I wish you'd tell us why this happened, all of a sudden but I wish you all the best <3

Anonymous: You should totally tell time to suck a fat one. If you guys breaking up is for the best, are you feeling sad because of it or because it's for the wrong reason/s?

hahah it should suck a fat one. and i’m feeling sad for both reasons, anon. the whole breaking up is shit, and the reason for breaking up is shit.

Anonymous: for the sake of humanity! please get back together <3

"time will tell" ~